Shoutout to Dean Aaron Bonin

i have another beautiful nephew that i cant wait to meet! I love you
all so much and am so grateful for my family and the support you
provide to me.

This week was slower than others. Summatime is here! therefore
everyone is out doin fun stuff and no one wants to talk to the
missionaries…haha its sad. But we’re worked around the obstacle and
ended up having a wonderful week full of service opportunities!

There’s this old lady named Nancy that we met. She lost her husband 3
years ago and lives in this big house out in the country all by
herself. This week we went over and washed her windows and she was
just thrilled. She made this big lunch for us to have with her after
we were done, and then after we shared a message about the plan of
salvation. She listened so intently and then when we were done she
said..”i have a question…do you believe that we’ll still have our
memories with us in heaven? Will my husband remember me as his wife?”
We assured her that she will most definitely have all of her memories
with her, and her husband will be able to be together as husband and
wife. We don’t know how interested she is in the church…but i’ve
come to realize that our missionary purpose doesn’t just include
baptizing people. We’re here to help others come unto Christ. So any
opportunity to share the hopeful plan that Christ has provided for us
is fulfilling our purpose.

The miracle of this week was with our investigator- Karin. The sweet
intern from Peru. She’s really good friends with Hermana Carrillo in
the branch, so she came with her to the relief society dinner this
week. Afterwards we watched the Restoration movie with her there in
the chapel. She’s been taught the restoration before, but we werent
sure that she truly understood the importance of the prophet, Joseph
Smith, and what he did. Watching the movie cleared that up and then we
asked her about her desires and thoughts on baptism. She said that
everything that we have taught her makes sense. And that its answering
the questions that she’s always had, but she wants to have a sure
answer from God before she decides to get baptized. The spirit kinda
took over at that point and we ended up setting a baptismal date for
her-the 15th of July. She was hesitant to commit at first…worried
that she wouldnt know enough by that day. But she’s been to church
like 5 times..she believes everything she’s been taught. So the spirit
told us she was ready. We assured her that as representatives of Jesus
Christ, we invite people to do the things that He himself would invite
them to do if He were here. We promised her that if she keeps meeting
with us, comes to church every week, and sincerely prays to God she
will be absolutely ready to be baptized by the 15 of July. The spirit
was so strong i knew she couldn’t deny it. So she accepted to prepare
for that date. It was such a cool lesson. So please please play for
Karin!! I know Heavenly Father has already given her so many signs
that this is the right thing for her to do..she just needs to open her
eyes to them.

Sorry i slacked on the pictures this week… But ill make up for it
next week! love you all.

con amor,
Hermana Brown


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