aberdeen daze



bikeride by the resevouir on pday

bikeride by the resevouir on pday


a week of small town fun. Haha this weekend was the biggest weekend of
the year for good ole aberdeen! i couldnt even tell ya how many people
come here but it was craziness. We took the opportunity to do LOTS of
service. which consisted of flipping and serving pancakes in the park
for 3 hours to a neverending line of people. it was quite the
experience. They also do this thing where hundreds of people line up
on main street and then some farmer dude flies his crop duster plane
right over the street and drops a tonnnnnnnnnn of ping-pong balls from
the plane. so these balls come flying down bouncing all over the place
and everyone is pushing and shoving and screaming trying to catch
these ping pong balls because you turn them in for prizes. hahahaha
apparently you could win anything from 4-wheelers to a free drink at
the gas station. needless-to-say…for the people of aberdeen, this
was a big deal. i captured the event on video- don’t worry.

waiting for the ping pong balls to drop at Aberdeen Daze

waiting for the ping pong balls to drop at Aberdeen Daze

The past couple weeks have kinda been slow. So ive been studying a lot
about  how we can find new people to teach- particularly about opening
our mouths and being bold. As i studied that the Lord gave us so many
opportunities to put it to work during the week.

This fun young couple took us out to dinner the other night…ya know,
to one of the 2 restaurants in town. He used to be a teacher in the
mtc so he’s all about missionary work. Right when we got seated and
after the waitress brought us our drinks he goes “Sisters, do you know
the waitress? Have you ever taught her before?” Us: “nope! never seen
her!” Brother somethin: “okay sweet me neither. im gonna get her info
so you can start teaching her.” so we get our food, chat and i kinda
forget about the whole thing. And then we go to the cash register to
pay before we go and he goes “so, have you ever met with these sisters
here? You should. The message that they have is awesome. It’ll change
your life” Then the spirit was kicking me in the rear so i stepped in,
testified and boom. we got her to accept the invite and she gave us
her phone number so we can go visit and teach her. The people in the
kitchen behind her were staring at us all funny and sure it was a
little awkward. But i gained so much respect for that brother. He had
ZERO fear of inviting some stranger to listen to the missionaries.
i’ve thought about that experience a lot ever since it happened and
have thought to myself “wow, what if every member and every missionary
was that fearless when it came to sharing the gospel?” So many souls
would be blessed with the truthfulness of this message.

aberdeen in the summer= mexico. Mangonadas for sale. its like a mango popsicle drowned in chile syrup

aberdeen in the summer= mexico. Mangonadas for sale. its
like a mango popsicle drowned in chile syrup

So saturday night we were at the fish fry dinner thing at the park and
i knew we needed to take the opportunity to talk to some random people
and find some new people to teach. So we got our food and went and sat
down next to this cute family- A mom and her 3 cute little girls. We
chatted casually and then asked her if she had ever met with the
missionaries before. She hadnt but said she gladly would. We ended up
getting her address and we’re going to visit her tomorrow. Its so
crazy how many people will accept the invitation we have if you just
open your mouth and share it.

I read this scripture this morning and loved it.
D&C 24
12 And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and
declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump,both day and night. And
I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men.

I know that promise is true. And we’re so blessed for trying! even if
it doesnt result in a baptism every time. Im so thankful for Christ
and our loving Heavenly Father. They really do want everyone on this
earth to return home to them.

con mucho amor,
hermana brown

had smores and a campfire with the family we live with and their grandkids

had smores and a campfire with the family we live with and their grandkids


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