got all my snacks for weekly favorites- agua de coco and chicharrones

got all my snacks for weekly planning…new favorites- agua de coco
and chicharrones


The weeks are racing by i feel like i can hardly wrap my head around
everything thats going on. I’m so grateful for another week of
blessings and tender mercies. And i’m especially grateful for Hermana
Lopez and her “greenie fire.” She’s teaching me soooo much and is
helping me stay pumped up til the end.

Karin is doing awesome. She was at church with us this week and just
looked so happy and comfortable with all the members there. they’re
taking her in like family. Please continue to keep her in your

little chicky friends

little chicky friends

This week we met a lot of awesome less-actives. We’ve been working
with this 65 year old lady, Sue. She is the tiniest little lady ever,
you would never guess that she was a sergeant in the Army for 31
years. haha she is seriously one of my favorite people here. Since she
was in the army for so long, she never got married and she kinda got
out of the habit of going to church. A few weeks back she told us that
her lifelong dream is to serve a we’ve started helping her
prepare for the temple. Her one hold up is her old self-doubt. she
always says “i feel like im not qualified for the temple!”  This week
we had a lesson with her and we read D&C 4 with her..

Doctrine & Covenants 4-
5 And faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory
of God, qualify him for the work.

I think Sue was amazed that thats truly all God asks of us. In order
to take part in the blessings of his work and his gospel..we just have
to have to be worthy and have those qualities. Sue thanked us for
sharing that with her…and thanked us for being there to help her.
She talked about how she knows the Lord put us in her path for a
reason. It was so cool. I think we all feel unqualified and unworthy
of the Lord’s love and blessings sometimes. but He’s truly so merciful
and is just waiting to give us those blessings.

This sunday was hard. I bore my testimony in all the wards we went to,
but nothin got me like the spanish branch did. I looked out at that
congregation and just cried like a baby. I feel so grateful for the
privilege that God has given me to serve the hispanic people here.
Their testimonies have strengthened mine. I wish i could put it all
into words, but its too dang hard.

I love this gospel and i love you all. Have a great week!

con amor,
hermana brown

Got to check it off my list- tried menudo ( cow stomach) - hispanic delicacy. kinda gross but not too shabby

Got to check it off my list- tried menudo ( cow stomach) – hispanic
delicacy. kinda gross but not too shabby